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A beautiful smartphone app for seniors

Simple Design.

Simple Functionality.

Simply, ONY Phone.

ONY Phone is a smartphone launcher app for older adults with intuitively designed features to help them connect with loved ones and be part of the tech world. We strive to present technology that older adults enjoy using.

Clear and Simple Design

ONY Phone makes it easy to use your smartphone. With larger icons and text, you can find your favorite apps with ease. Want to call your loved ones? Or send a WhatsApp message to a friend? You’ll be able to find your favorite apps easily on your ONY Phone home screen. 

Your Settings, When You Need Them

ONY Phone shows you the settings you need in a simple layout. You’ll be able to change WiFi settings, volume, etc, without having to scroll endless pages of information to find the ones you need.

A home screen designed for you means a mobile phone with ease of use in mind. With several color themes to select from, you can even personalize your ONY Phone just for you.

Adaptable for Every Senior

ONY Phone unites the power of a smartphone with a simple design to create a perfect phone for every senior, regardless of their tech-savviness. The app is equipped to be in English, Mandarin, and many more languages, so switching between languages is one click away on the settings page.

Whether you want quick access to your favorite apps or a fully customizable smartphone experience, ONY phone has you covered. 



Simple and easy to use. All the apps needed all together and big enough to be seen.

Wee See Ng

Good for the elderly; big font and icons of apps are a bonus.

Tan Teck Ngee

Love the big icons! Easy to use. Only setback is that it’s a little large for my mum’s hands. Good for viewing but not so much on handling. But it’s ok.

Zelda Koh

ONY Phone App Pricing

One time purchase, no monthly subscription



If you already have an existing Android phone, you can get the ONY Phone App.

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